FitFeet Adventures Testimonials & News

Lucia; Los Angeles, CA USA (Mac & Reggie)

"My husband and I chose FitFeet to lead us on a Patagonian adventure in September of 2014. And our experience far exceeded our expectations. Every detail of the trip was well-coordinated, we loved the accommodations and chosen activities. Our trip did not feel like a tour, but rather an adventure vacation with new friends. As part of the experience, I also ran the Patagonian International Marathon 63k distance. It was wonderful to combine the athletic pursuit with tourism and my husband didn't feel left out. I would book with FitFeet again in a heartbeat."      

Mark;  Richmond, Virginia USA (Mark & Therese)

"I have been on two adventures with FitFeet Adventures, the Patagonia International Marathon in Chile in September 2014 and the Peru Inca Trail to Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley in July 2015.  Both trips went way beyond my wildest expectations. FitFeet Adventures combine beautiful locations, physical challenges, cultural experiences and camaraderie that you won’t find with other tour operators. 
Kyle, FitFeet Owner/Operator, is very hands-on and was the tour leader on both trips.  She keeps the groups small which allows you to get to know all of the other travelers very well.  By the end of the first dinner, it’s one big family.  By the end of the trip, there are sad farewells to the people you’ve come to know very closely.
Kyle meticulously plans all of the details of FitFeet's trips.  The local guides and support staff are top notch and become an integral part of the group.  By being “locals”, they provide the experience and insights to give you a true cultural experience and feel for the region.  Accommodations are unique and first class, not the typical tour hotels.  Meals are outstanding and showcase local foods and cuisine (I even tried cuy!).  Even a box lunch provided on the van one afternoon was an amazing and delicious assortment of foods.
A unique feature of FitFeet's trips are visits to local NGOs which work with the local population.  On the Peru trip, we spent time at the primary school of the Rainbow Children Foundation and learned to weave (well, sort of) at the Awamaki Women’s Artisan Cooperative.  It was enjoyable and heartwarming to meet and connect with local folks in their own schools and homes rather than in the tourist sites and shops.
What I like best about the FitFeet trips are the athletic activities that are a central feature of each adventure.  While these activities are challenging, any active person with a reasonable level of fitness can participate.  For example, the Patagonia Marathon tour had options for a half marathon, 10 K (or 63 K if you were so inclined!).  The Peru Inca Trail trip combined running and hiking.  Usually, two or three people ran/hiked together and the group came back together every couple of hours.  No one was left behind and no one felt that they were too slow or too fast for the group.
If you are an active person with a sense of adventure who wants a unique travel perspective on South America, I would highly recommend a tour through FitFeet Adventures.  It will be an amazing trip that you will not forget.  It will not disappoint!"    

Amy- Richmond, Virginia USA

"I was fortunate enough to join FitFeet Adventuresfor the Patagonia Marathon in Chile last fall.  Looking back through my pictures and memories, I'm still in awe of this incredible experience!  Torres del Paine National Park is breathtakingly gorgeous.  The pictures don't even look real, it is simply that magnificent.
I have a sense of pride in that I went to a totally foreign place, ran a marathon, hiked up a mountain, experienced a different culture but secretly I'm not sure I would have done it without knowing Kyle was there along the way.  As promised, she was waiting there at the airport, emailing perfect directions of where to go, and making dinner reservations at a local spot near the hotel when I arrived before the actual itinerary.  She even gave me her own guide book to take with me on my last day exploring Santiago before flying home.  It was a wonderful experience all together, one I'm sure to never forget!  Thank you so much for the opportunity!!  Thank you for broadening my horizons and opening the gateway for many more adventures!  I hope our paths will cross again!"