Camp | Hike | Kayak | Walks | Relax | Group Fun 

Enjoy a fun group weekend in the Adirondacks. Camp lakeside and relax outdoors!

Daily activities available include: Kayak and/or canoe rentals; hiking; stroll around the campground and lake; read a book; and take a moment to relax and breath in that pristine Adirondack air. Do as many activities as possible, or just relax and take it easy at the campsite. Come with old friends and make new friends on this group camping weekend. Need a tent/sleeping bag/ sleeping pad? We've got you covered. Select to rent a tent when you reserve.

Price Includes:

All Meals (2 breakfasts/ 2 dinners/ 2 lunches)  

Free pickup of beer/wine if arranged prior.

1 Kayak/Canoe Rental

2 Nights Camping

Nighttime Camp Fires

Tent Rental:
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The Plan

Friday (if you can't make it until Saturday let us know)

Arrival to the campground. Campsite dinner and campfire. If you play an instrument bring it along! Alcohol is not included, but if you won't be able to bring any we will take a group order and pick it up during our grocery shopping trip. We'll settle up when you get there.


Today we will lead a hike for those that would like to participate, as well a kayak/canoe paddle. Rentals are available from the nearby boat livery. As a group we'll paddle into the beautiful backwaters to enjoy the tranquility of the Adirondack waterways. If the group is in agreement to do both, we will do our best to fit both in! You can also hang at the campsite to read, take a walk and relax, or just participate in some of the activities. The choice is yours! Later in the day there will be time to head to the campground showers to cleanup before early evening snacks, games, and camping cocktail hour. Dinner and campfire will follow. 


After a tasty breakfast we'll pack up camp. If you would like to do an early morning paddle that's possible as well. Checkout will be around 11am. Folks taking the train will need to depart at 11am to catch the shuttle in Lake Placid. For those that are driving we can do a longer paddle or hike before departing in the afternoon. 

After the paddle we say our goodbyes and so concludes our time together.