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Is a running and hiking adventure right for me?

FitFeet itineraries deliver the vacation of a lifetime to individuals who lead active lifestyles, seek new adventures and challenges and enjoy relaxation and high quality service. Our expert guides and extra trip support allow guests to move at their desired pace, from hiking to running. 

If you are at all worried about the mileage, we encourage you to email FitFeet and we will discuss any concerns. 


Why Choose FitFeet?

Choosing to travel with FitFeet is about more than running: it’s about the experience. Every detail is thoughtfully planned through firsthand research and local partnerships. FitFeet will take care of you: from unforgettable cultural excursions; to excellent, fresh local cuisine; to carefully chosen, stylish and restful accommodations. When you choose FitFeet, you're supporting a company that believes in social responsibility. We respect and contribute to the economic, social and environmental well-being of the communities we visit.


Is Airfare Included?

Airfare is not included in the price; however, our team is here to help you book flights and provide support to ensure safe and stress-free travel to and from your adventure. You will earn the travel points and rewards on your credit card, while our experienced team offers savvy travel tips to guide you through the arrangement process.


How does FitFeet accommodate different running abilities?

We structure our events so that there is always a main lead runner, as well as a "sweeper" in the back so that no one gets left behind. Guests may choose to skip a run on any given day, and be privately transported to planned excursions. In places such as Patagonia, guests may choose to not do the "O"circuit and instead opt for smaller daily runs/hike on the "W" route. Whatever your concern or preference, talk to a FitFeet team member to tailor your trip and answer any questions. 


What does "Inca Trail Permits are selling out mean?" Why is it necessary to reserve for the Inca Trail five to six months in advance?

The Peru Ministry of Culture sells permits for the Inca Trail for the entire year beginning January 9th. There are a limited amount of permits sold, with strict daily limits on the number of trail passengers. Permits are only sold when the passenger's name and passport number are provided, otherwise the permit cannot be purchased. Because of this, permits for the year sell out many months in advance, which is why we require early reservations.


Will F.E.A.T. help me plan my travel so that I arrive on time for the start of my trip?

Yes! We are here to advise and help you reserve your flights. When you make your reservation, a FitFeet representative will immediately reach out to you to discuss your travel arrangements, answer any questions, and provide the needed help in planning your arrival and departure.


Does FitFeet provide travel insurance?

We do not, but we can connect you to the appropriate people if you would like to purchase it. First, check with your current insurance-particularly medical-about their travel policies. You may find you are already covered! There is also inexpensive emergency medical insurance that's very easy to purchase.  At FitFeet, the first priority is ensuring safe travel for all of our guests. We will give you some tips before your trip that will help you make sure you're ready for travel.

Will I be given a packing list for my adventure?

Yes! Each guest will be given a trip-specific packing list, so you know exactly what you'll need to bring. This will include detailed information about what's included on the Inca Trail package. Such as: All camping equipment (tent, sleeping pad, sleeping bag) is included for your convenience. If you would like this information before reserving, just let us know by sending an email to