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FitFeet Adventures


At FitFeet we are runners, hikers, and global explorers. We love sharing the remarkable beauty of our natural and cultural environment with fellow adventurers, in the US and around the world. When the founders, Kyle E. Irwin and Chris Mead, created FitFeet they sought out an opportunity to share their own adventure running, hiking, cultural, and life experiences in some of the world’s most beautiful terrain with other athletes and active individuals. Each location possesses certain unique qualities that make that place special, and we bring those qualities out in our programs. Our mode of travel or event may be geared around running and hiking, but the complete adventure or marathon experience is much more. At FitFeet we act according to principles of social responsibility that contribute to and respect the economic, social and environmental well-being of the communities we visit. Partnerships with local guides, businesses, non-profits and foundations are essential to FitFeet's ability to provide a high-quality adventure experience while positively contributing to the local societies.